Episode 37: Amazing Houston Comic Con with Chantell Renee and Melissa Algood

This week Jess and Earl are LIVE at The Amazing Houston Comic Convention.


This is a small con, but was quality. Instead of focusing on celebrities, it focused on artists.

 Our guests this week are two local Houston authors, Chantell Renee and Melissa Algood.

We had a blast recording with these two very funny and talented ladies and we can’t wait to hang with them again.

 Chantell Renee is the author of an Urban Fantasy series, “Belonging” and “Consumed.”  You can buy her books on Amazon:


 Her author page:


 You can also catch up with her on Facebook:



Melissa Algood’s book, “Blood on the Potomac” is also available on Amazon:


Her author page:


Keep up with what she’s doing on Facebook:



These two ladies also have an anthology coming out in October called “Hair Raising Tales of Horror.”

The cover art looks great!


Stay tuned for its release soon.


Thanks for listening!

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See you next week!


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