Episode 23: Space City Comic Con and NOLA Nerd Couple

OK, so this is the second show we recorded at Space City Comic Con.  While the event was kind of a train wreck, (they put the “con” in convention, for sure) we had a great time.

We were really excited to overcome some technical challenges and do our first remote podcasts, but our favorite thing was meeting our new friends, Kurt and Christina, AKA NOLA Nerd Couple and chatting with them.  They are bloggers hailing from The Crescent City and if you like travel, cooking, great food, and all things nerdy, you have to check them out and show them some love:


 20160605_192906 (1)

This is an action shot, sent to us by a loyal listener, taken as we recorded at the NRG Center.

 We really enjoyed recording with them and as we are sure we will do it again.

 A few other nuggets of goodness: Pictures of awesome cosplay we spotted and fun times we had. 


 If you’ve never been to a comic con, GO.  They’re so much fun.  Even when they go a little sideways, they’re still fun. Mostly. Unless you dropped like a grand on autograph tickets and got bunk all. But every other time, they rule.


Thanks for listening!

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See you next week!


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