Episode 14: No Hope…

This week we cover a lot of ground.  We start with one of our favorite Netflix distractions, Daredevil.



We’re not all caught up yet, but we’re getting there.


Do you like history?

If you have lots of time to listen, we like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast:



Don’t have 3 hours?  Check out “Stuff You Missed in History Class.”



We also talked about the cool things happening in the world of cosplay, like this Ludo cosplay:







Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy





After talking through Earl’s ethical dilemma, we hit one of our favorite subjects, Doomsday.

Here is an awesome Prepper site. (WARNING…this rabbit hole is awesome, but DEEP.)



Like reading post-apocalyptic fiction?

Soft Apocalypse- The crazy book Jess talks about.


And here’s a nice database of books:



The gang is not at all in agreement as to how things will go in the event of Armageddon.  We propose to divide thusly:


Spencylvania: Where people cling to societal structure and hold out hope for somebody to turn the power back on.


Jessikstan: Full on Mad Max shit. The strong survive and if you piss Jess off, she’ll shoot you.


Earlegon: Details are murky.  One thing we know is they like taunting the Spencylvanians.


Choose your new homeland.

Nobody said they were good choices.


Thanks for listening!

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See you next week!


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