Episode 13: Ummm…

This week, we begin with games.  That’s not so different for us, but this week, we were talking about board games.  It’s no secret that we like tabletop games a lot. Sometimes at cons, you will find the BFE crew hanging out in the gaming hall where mega board game geeks are playing every variety of tabletop game. In this episode, we plan out our new non-podcast time together where we will play a game of Risk Legacy.



 You don’t need to be a clairvoyant to know that no good can come of this, but that has never stopped the BFE Gang before. We’re fans of things that are punishingly detailed and possibly friendship altering.




Earl recalls a part of his youth when computer games were boxy, but good.


And then a question for the ages: MacBook vs. Microsoft Not MacBook



Incidentally, it’s called Surfacebook.

 The gang had a split decision.  Jess abstained from voting. Mostly because she got distracted by the mention of Cinnabon.

 As it often does, we move from home computers to Artificial Intelligence and that ALWAYS leads to



We talk about how our robot overlords are primed and ready to enslave us all because they can now play tabletop games creatively.



After that, we talk about Twitter, the bad, the ugly…the bad…the ugly.



Also, here’s some Chat Roulette for you. WARNING: You can’t UNSEE stuff…


This might possibly destroy your faith in humanity.


Do you struggle with correct grammar in your Facebook posts and Twitterings? No? We don’t care. Here is fun grammar graphic to help you anyway.



We’re all pretty excited for the Wonder Woman movie after seeing this picture.



We end with the best terrible app idea we’ve had to date (pun intended): Scissr, a Grindr type hookup app for ladies. 

It’s so bad, it will probably make Earl a billion dollars.


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