Episode 12: Dad Shoes

This week on BFE Podcast is a week of battles.

Friday, March 25th, we finally get to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it’s apropos (of nothing, really) that we have a few battles of our own. After all, we’re kind of a Justice League.

Without super powers.

And sometimes we’re not that good.

OK, so we’re more accurately, at times the Legion of Doom, but we can always hope for the day when we use our powers for good.  It will happen. Probably.

First on our VERSUS menu: Sarah Silverman V. Amy Schumer.  Who is the funnier comic? We have our opinions, but here are a couple of videos of each.  Decide for yourselves.

Sarah Silverman

(Warning: NSFW)


Amy Schumer

(Warning: Also NSFW)


Next up, we talked about Daytime Soaps, that great American art form. We give you 1986 Deirdre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans of Days of Our Lives) and 2016 Deirdre Hall. Can you tell the difference?


1986 (BTW, from Jess’s PERSONAL Soap Opera Actor Autograph collection) 2016

Days of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Season: 45 — Pictured: Deidre Hall as Marlena — Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Do you crave romance? Are you looking for a pirate/cowboy/vampire/general bad boy with a tough exterior but a heart of gold and a throbbing…yeah, well go here:


It’s a site all about romance novels. You’ll find everything you need and didn’t know you needed here.  We HIGHLY recommend the reader rants and raves section. It’s deee-lightful.

Also, here’s your VERSUS: fabio-covers

Pirate vs. Viking vs. Rogue


R.I.P. Nell Carter / Gimme A Break




Mr. Belvedere



Which theme song wins? You decide.

For your stench control needs, we have Poo-Pourri vs. Odor Assassin

 2  HomePageGroup




We’ll get them both. We can never be too prepared where stench is concerned.

We also had a small misunderstanding about bedazzled tampons. Funny what happens when you search the Internets for “bedazzled tampon.”



Spence’s Vibram Five Finger (Toe Shoes) Vs. Dad Shoes

 thU4K7XL0F  1107370-p-2x

This website is devoted to scavenger hunts for “dad shoes”. Check it out. You might enjoy playing along. If you do, send us some pictures. We’d love to see them.

If animals ate Fast Food: (Nature V. Big Mac)



The ‘Pig’s a Filthy Animal” scene from Pulp Fiction (Pig V. Dog)


As epic as Batman V. Superman, we had Earl V. Spence as they argued over whether or not to tell a deceased Scott Weiland to fuck off.

Scott Weiland Heroin
 weiland-vasoline  heroin(1)

 Spoiler Alert: Heroin won.

Here’s a link to some interesting facts about smack.



And finally, we can all agree that one celebrity we will not be telling to fuck off is our favorite Golden Girl, Betty White. Here is Young Betty White Vs. Mature Betty White. You’re good either way.



DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Season: 45 — Pictured: Deidre Hall as Marlena — Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Thanks for listening!

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