BFE Podcast Show Notes: Episode 11 Life Choices…

This week we gaze deeply into the crystal balls buried in our navels, and second guess our Life Choices. Along the way we find some buried treasure among all the lint.

Remember when your parents told you to act like an adult?


Follow the links and myriad of discussion boards at your peril! People are crazy, and cyber-stalkers are a thing



Remember kiddos, you don’t have to cut parts off your body (or wear the body parts of others…*cough* Earl-suit *cough*) in order to become someone else.


Apparently adulting is HARD, especially if you have to live on low wages in SAN FRANCISCO. Even Danny Tanner had to get a second job to afford his house.


We all agree that Gina Carano and Christy Brinkley are smoking hot, regardless of who they are junk-punching

carrano 1392737381000-Christie-Brinkley



This might be the world’s dumbest dog, and we realize how sad our lives are now that we are fixated on dog food ingredients.

Seriously, if anyone really likes Shyamalan, please keep it to yourself. #fuckmnightshyamalan #stophiringshyamalan


E.L. James gets 50 Shades of destroyed in this twitter Q&A.


You’re welcome.

Thank the Powers that our friends across the Pond are as fucked up as we are. It turns out Brits ALSO have problems with figuring out what the hell they want to be when they grow up:


Most radio “bits” are awful, but that radio “voices” can be awesome!  Who needs I.T.T Tech when we can all learn the awesome radio voice from this guy:


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