BFE Podcast Show Notes: Episode 10 Rodeo…Sorta

This week, we’re not sure we have an exact theme or at least this week’s show diverged fairly quickly.

It’s March here in the Houston area.  In other parts of the country that means warmer temperatures and spring flowers. Houstonians can’t be bothered with any of that.  We’ve got the Rodeo to worry about.

If you don’t know, the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show is a month long cornucopia of rodeo, fried foods, belt buckles and music.  Every night there is a full rodeo and a concert.  It’s the second biggest deal here just after football and everybody has a fun rodeo story or two to tell.

One thing we of the BFE Podcast know is food. If you want to replicate Jess, Earl, and Tab’s Quest for ALL the Foods, do this:

1.       Fat Bao: Little Taiwanese buns. (Taiwanese, not Korean. World Geography =1. BFE Podcast = 0)

2.       Sushi King: Because Jess loves uni.

3.       Kata Robata: Because…ramen

Then go sit in Houston traffic for two hours in an effort to get to fried desserts and Tejano music.

But mmm…fried Twinkies…




Want to see the possibly nausea inducing trailer for the first-person shooter movie:


Just by adding “Liz Lemmon” to the beginning of a Kanye West tweet you transform it into a Tracy Jordan quote from 30 Rock?

Check out the celebrities photoshopped as real people. Fat Johnny Depp looks legit!

And lastly, here’s a weird picture of Martha Stewart with a giant hot dog:



Why? Why not?

Thanks for listening!

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