BFE Podcast Episode 9

This week, we’re talking about phobias.


The Oxford Dictionary defines a phobia as: An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

We DEFINITELY hit the irrational part right on the head. Not just for phobias.


Want to know all sorts of facts about phobias?  Common ones? Extra-weird ones? Take a trip down this wiki-hole:


This dog shares Spence’s aversion to Mickey’s giant hands.







We couldn’t find the old video of some Mick Fleetwood-looking dude on 1970’s Sesame Street writing numbers on bread with ketchup that messed Jess up for life, but this is close enough.


No. Just…no.


Looking for some wonderful cinema?  Try Earl’s favorite film, “Audition.”



Wanna see if you’re freaked out by being a mile under the ground in the dark and silence?  And see lots of other cool things if you’re in Texas Hill Country?  Check out Caverns of Sonora in Senora, Texas.



When you think your job stinks, consider how this guy feels.

NASA smell tester is a real thing. We bet he can’t wait for his regular smell proficiency test.

NASA calibrates and certifies its sniffers’ noses every four months using a “10-bottle test” in which seven of the bottles have odors and three of them are blanks. The seven scents must be categorized as musky, floral, ethereal, camphoraceous, minty, pungent or putrid.”



And lastly if you want to get rid of your phobias, check out what the Onion has to say:


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